Why is Bai Tu Long Bay?

Most of people know the magical beauty of Halong Bay one of the World Heritage, but keep continuing northeast way for more 100km to the Chinese border. The sinking limestone plateau shows up, which gave birth to the bay’s spectacular islands and a apart of Bai Tu Long National Park. That’s Bai Tu Long Bay where the Young Dragon descended.

Bai Tu Long Bay is very beautiful and wild. You will be surprised how incredible Mother Nature is.  Under sunshine, it’s actually more stunning, the bay and islands are still clean and less busy. A fantasy-like archipelago made by 1,600 islands shaped by the natural elements over time, the region is rich with geological splendor. The smaller, uninhabited islands — protruding limestone karsts of various shapes and sizes — are scattered across the emerald waters. For travelers, it’s a laid-back alternative to the touristy bustle of Halong Bay.
As with Halong Bay, the best way to experience the full gamut of limestone pinnacle scattered along the seascape is by cruises. So does Bai Tu Long Bay.